Olaaa sweeties!! aquí están las fotos que os comente ayer! una noche perfecta por el centro de Sevilla, de noche es preciosa.

Fuí a cenar con mi chico a  mi japonés preferido , nos pusimos las botas , dimos un paseo por las pequeñas calles del centro , y para acabar la noche fuimos al hotel Eme para  tomar algunas copas, un plan perfecto, por lo menos para mí.

Decidí estrenar esta falda de Zara y las acompañé de una camiseta básica para darle un toque más informal, pero pienso que esta falda me va a dar mucho juego este invierno , de hecho , he pensado hacer un post con posibles combinaciones con ella a ver que os parece!

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Hey there! Here they are the pictures I told you about yesterday, a perfect night in the center of Seville,
which is marvellous at midnight!
I had dinner with my boyfriend at my favourite japannese restaurant, we ate way too much and then we took a walk through the narrow streets of the jewish quarter.To end up the wonderful night , we went to the “Eme” hotel to get some drinks. The perfect ending of the evening, in my opinion.
I decided to try on for the first time this skirt from Zara , which I accompanied with a basic t-shirt to match the perfect “informal touch”.Although, I see myself in that skirt a lot more during the winter.Actually I have thought about posting a whole new entry with the different possible combinations of this skirt, to see what do you think and which are your choices.
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SKIRT/FALDA:Zara new season

SHIRT/CAMISETA:Bel Air (boutique from Paris)

BOLSO/BAG:Zara new season