Hola chicos hoy vengo con unas fotos muy especiales, el sábado cumplió mi madre años , y  lo celebramos en casa como se lo merecía !

Para mi igual que a todos os pasara con las vuestras,  es la mejor madre  del mundo , es autentica , se entrega a todos , es luchadora , simpática , valiente , buena consejera , buena amiga … y muchas mas cosas que quien la conoce sabe bien que es una persona en la que se puede confiar y apoyarse.

Me hace gracia porque el otro día en clase me preguntaron si tenia un ídolo , un héroe , no supe que decir , pero pensándolo  bien , pienso que es mi madre por todo lo que es a día de hoy y lo que ha conseguido que sea yo  , por eso gracias!

Os dije que ibais a ir conociendo un poquito de mi en los post ,aunque me  cueste expresarlo, no todo son trapos y como poder  estar guapas , esta es una parte muy muy importante de lo que es mi hermosa familia , mi madre! Te quiero guapita!

Hello there! Today I’m showing some very special pictures! Last saturday it was my mom’s birthday and we celebrated it at home as it should be!
For me, and I imagine that the same thing would happen to any of you, my mom is the best mom, she’s authentic, she gives herself to everyone, she is a fighter, she’s nice, brave, a good adviser, a great friend and a lot more of other stuff that anyone who knows her at least a little bit can afirm that are true, she’s a person of trust and a great support.
It’s funny that last week during class they asked me if I had any icon, idol or hero in my life. At first I didn’t know what to say, but thinking it through I came to the conclusion that the answer is my mom, not only for what a wonderful person she is by today, but also for the person I have become thanks to her. For all of that, thank you!
I told you that you would be getting to know me a little better in every post, even though it’s very hard for me to express my real personality. I want to clear out that this is not all about cloths and how to be prettier, it’s about my life and everything that goes with it, in first place the most important thing for me, my wonderful family, and today, my amazing mother! I love you, mom!
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